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First Cen­tral Euro­pean Life Sci­ence Invest­ment Conference

Hotel Stary, Krakow, 2628 Octo­ber 2011

We would like to thank you for attend­ing the con­fer­ence and trust you found the event both use­ful and enjoyable.

We are grate­ful for the hon­orary patron­age of Jagiel­lon­ian Uni­ver­sity in Krakow, Munic­i­pal­ity of Krakow, Mal­opol­ska Region, Agri­cul­tural Uni­ver­sity in Krakow, Uni­ver­sity of Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy, Min­istry of Econ­omy and the Mal­opol­ska Cen­tre of Biotechnology.

Below are some pho­tographs from the event.

Many par­tic­i­pants asked lsbc to hold the event for a sec­ond time which we would be pleased to do. With this in mind we would appre­ci­ate any feed­back on the first event (con­tent, lec­tures ver­sus pan­els, venue etc.,) so that we can improve on it when organ­is­ing the second.

We were also asked by many par­tic­i­pants if the talks would be made avail­able. They are in the form of pass­word pro­tected non editable pdf acces­si­ble only to par­tic­i­pants [CLICK HERE]. Also there is an overview of the con­fer­ence in Pol­ish and Eng­lish avail­able by pre­pared by two of the del­e­gates from BTM-​Mazovia.

We hope to see you all again next year,

Roland Kozlowski & the con­fer­ence team

Emil Stepien, Deputy Direc­tor, New Con­nect, Poland

“A ter­rific oppor­tu­nity to meet poten­tial investors and com­pa­nies that at some point may wish to list on the pub­lic mar­ket here is Poland”

Piotr Czap­ski, Part­ner EQT Part­ners, Poland

“Fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­nity to net­work with top level play­ers from the region and the rest of the world”

Pawel Wen­grzyn, Chair­man of the Com­mis­sion of Devel­op­ment and Inno­va­tion, Krakow City Coun­cil, Poland

As an offi­cial of the town I was delighted to see so many high level pan­elists and del­e­gates from home and abroad”

Leszek Grabar­czyk Deputy Direc­tor, National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment, Poland

“I was delighted to see the for­eign inter­est in our sec­tor here in Poland – the debate was really useful”

Graziano Seghezzi, Parner Sofinnova Ven­tures, France

“Ter­rific to see how the life sci­ence sec­tor is evolv­ing in this region – the con­fer­ence pro­vided some great net­work­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties in a fan­tas­tic setting”

Emma Palmer Fos­ter, Direc­tor, Emma Palmer Con­sult­ing, UK

„Inter­est­ing ses­sion on the pub­lic mar­kets – I really enjoyed tak­ing part in the debate and the venue was super”

Graeme Mar­tin, CEO and Pres­i­dent, TRI Ven­tures, USA

Fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­nity to gain an under­stand­ing to the life sci­ence scene in Cen­tral Europe – a really worth­while event and a great venue”

Dominik Czaplicki, Project Devel­op­ment Spe­cial­ist, Cen­tre for Inno­va­tions Tech­nol­ogy Trans­fer & Uni­ver­sity Devel­op­ment (CIT­TRU), Jagiel­lon­ian Uni­ver­sity, Krakow, Poland

„I am glad that the con­fer­ence attracted for­eign exper­tise to Krakow, an impor­tant cen­tre of Poland’s emerg­ing biotech­nol­ogy industry.”

Paweł Błachno, Chief Exec­u­tive & Pres­i­dent of the Board, JCI Ven­tures, Krakow, Poland

“As an investor the event was really use­ful to build con­tacts and learn from the expe­ri­ences of oth­ers from regions with a longer his­tory of invest­ment in the life sciences”


Reg­is­tra­tion for this event has been closed.


Agenda cor­rect at time of going to press

26 Octo­ber 2011


Drinks for early arrivals and early registration

27 Octo­ber 2011

08.00 Reg­is­tra­tion Opens



10.15 Ses­sion: Invest­ment in CE Life Science

Chair: Marcin Szumowski


Talk: A per­spec­tive on life sci­ence and life sci­ence invest­ment in CE

Roland Kozlowski


Talk: What’s best suited to the CE investor: devices, ser­vices, diag­nos­tics or pharmaceuticals

Michał Kostka; South Mora­vian Inno­va­tion Cen­tre (Czech Republic)


Gen­eral Com­ments on the global pic­ture and poten­tial of CE and New Per­spec­tives on EU grant fund­ing for life sciences

Oliver Mur­phy and Michał Tur­czyk; Deloitte (Poland)

11.15 Cof­fee


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Gen­eral and CE spe­cific chal­lenges fac­ing investors in life sciences

Mod­er­a­tor: Roland Kozlowski

Robert Rzemiński; MCI (Poland)

Mar­tin Oxley, UKTI (UK/​Poland)

Mar­tin Fusek; IOCB TTO (Czech Republic)

Mar­cell Vei­d­ner; Hun­gar­ian Biotech Asso­ci­a­tion (Hungary)

13.00 Lunch

14.10 Ses­sion: Attract­ing invest­ment and clients from beyond CE

Chair: Mar­tin Oxley (UKTI)


Talk: Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal ven­ture funds what is the gen­eral expec­ta­tion what are the thoughts on Cen­tral Europe

Graeme Mar­tin; Takeda Research Invest­ment (US)


Talk: What were your con­sid­er­a­tions for devel­op­ing a busi­ness in the CE region

Quin­tiles; Woj­ciech Przy­byś (Poland)


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Attract­ing ven­ture financ­ing from abroad, what will investors look for?

Mod­er­a­tor: Mar­tin Oxley

Quin­tiles; Woj­ciech Przy­byś (Poland)

Sander van Deven­ter, For­bion (Netherlands)

Simon Kerr, Impe­r­ial Inno­va­tions (UK)

Jonathan Hep­ple, Seroba-​Kernel (UK/​Ireland)

16.00 Tea


ession: Pri­vate & young com­pany presentations

Chair: Marcin Szumowski

BTM Sp. z o. o. (Marcin Szu­mowski; Poland)

Pro­teon Sp. z o. o. (Jarosław Dastych; Poland)

Hep­endo Sp. z o. o. (Łukasz Kutrzeba; Poland)

Biovec­tis (Krzystof Kuchar­czyk; Poland)

BBS Nan­otech­nol­ogy (Janos Bor­bely; Hungary)

Flavopharma Sp. z o. o. (Mikołaj Gur­dała; Poland)


Close for Day


Con­fer­ence Din­ner and net­work­ing drinks

28 Octo­ber 2011

09.00 Ses­sion: Pub­lic Mar­kets in Cen­tral Europe

Chair: Oliver Murphy


Talk: New Con­nect: its mission

Emil Stępień; Pol­ish Stock Exchange (Poland)


Talk: Case stud­ies from a New Con­nect Nom­i­nated Advisor

Artur Chabowski; Aca­dia (Poland)


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Chal­lenges for pub­lic mar­ket invest­ment in CE Life Sciences

Mod­er­a­tor: Oliver Mur­phy

Artur Chabowski; Aca­dia (Poland)

Emil Stępień; Pol­ish Stock Exchange (Poland)

Simon Wall­work, Sem­ple Fraser LLP (UK)

Emma Palmer Fos­ter, EJ Palmer Con­sult­ing (UK)

Piotr Czap­ski; EQT Part­ners (Poland)

10.45 Cof­fee


Recent life sci­ence list­ings on Poland’s alter­na­tive invest­ment mar­ket: New Connect

Selvita (Poland); Paweł Przewięź­likowski CEO

Med­ical­go­rith­mics (Poland); Marek Dzi­u­biński CEO


Busi­ness in Krakow

Paweł Węgrzyn; “Local Gov­ern­ment Entre­pre­neur­ship Advisor”


Panel Dis­cus­sion: The way for­ward for the CE sec­tor: lessons learnt from more mature markets

Mod­er­a­tor: Roland Kozlowski

Tadeusz Pietrucha; Biotech Con­sult­ing (Poland)

Peter Neubeck; TVM (Germany)

Piotr Las­sota; Pol­pharma (Poland)

Grazianno Seghezzi; Sofinnova (France)

Paweł Błachno; JCI (Poland)


State­ment on Life Sci­ence in Poland

Leszek Grabar­czyk ; The National Cen­tre for Research & Development


Sum­ming up

Roland Kozlowski; (LSBC) & Oliver Mur­phy (Deloitte)

13.15 Con­fer­ence Close


        • Artur Chabowski
          Artur Chabowski
        • Marcin Szumowski
          Marcin Szu­mowski
        • Martin Fusek
          Mar­tin Fusek
        • Piotr Lassota
          Piotr Las­sota
        • Robert Rzemiński
          Robert Rzemiński
        • Graeme Martin
          Graeme Mar­tin
        • Graziano Seghezzi
          Graziano Seghezzi
        • Wojciech Przybyś
          Woj­ciech Przybyś
        • Sander van Deventer
          Sander van Deventer
        • Marcell Veidner
          Mar­cell Veidner
        • Paweł Węgrzyn
          Paweł Węgrzyn
        • Emma Palmer Foster
          Emma Palmer Foster
        • Jonathan Hepple
          Jonathan Hep­ple
        • Oliver Murphy
          Oliver Mur­phy
        • Paweł Błachno
          Paweł Błachno
        • Michał Kostka
          Michał Kostka
        • Simon Kerr
          Simon Kerr
        • Martin Oxley
          Mar­tin Oxley
        • Emil Stepien
          Emil Stepien
        • Krzysztof Kucharczyk
          Krzysztof Kuchar­czyk
        • Piotr Czapski
          Piotr Czap­ski
        • Peter Neubeck
          Peter Neubeck
        • Simon Wallwork
          Simon Wall­work
        • Leszek Grabarczyk
          Leszek Grabar­czyk
        • Jarosław Dastych
          Jarosław Dastych
        • Mikołaj Gurdała
          Mikołaj Gur­dała
        • Łukasz Kutrzeba
          Łukasz Kutrzeba
        • Paweł Przewięźlikowski
          Paweł Przewięź­likowski
        • Roland Kozlowski
          Roland Kozlowski
        • Juha Vapaavuori
          Juha Vapaavuori
Artur Chabowski

Artur Chabowski

has over 18 years’ expe­ri­ence in invest­ment bank­ing, where he dealt with inter­na­tional merg­ers and acqui­si­tions, equity cap­i­tal trans­ac­tions in Poland and other Cen­tral and East­ern Euro­pean coun­tries. Before he cre­ated advi­sory firm ACA­DIA he had worked as a Direc­tor in KPMG, a Direc­tor and a Man­age­ment Board Mem­ber in ABN AMRO Cor­po­rate Finance, a Deputy Direc­tor in CAIB Finan­cial Advis­ers S.A. and as a coun­cil­lor in the Min­istry of Own­er­ship Trans­for­ma­tion. At present, he is a mem­ber of var­i­ous super­vi­sory boards and co-​founder of Cambridge-​PYTHON Foun­da­tion. He grad­u­ated from War­saw Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy, and stud­ied at Prince­ton University.

Marcin Szumowski

Marcin Szu­mowski

has grad­u­ated from the Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois with an MSc and PhD degrees (in atmos­pheric physics) and also earned an MBA (in entre­pre­neur­ship and inter­na­tional finance). Fol­low­ing a suc­cess­ful research career in the United States, since 2000 he has been involved in tech­nol­ogy trans­fer and set up sev­eral start-​up com­pa­nies, includ­ing a 2005 high tech­nol­ogy start-​up (www​.med​ical​go​rith​mics​.com). Dur­ing the period of 20052009 as the pres­i­dent and CEO of Med­ical­go­rith­mics he secured over 4 mil­lion PLN in pri­vate equity invest­ment and nearly 4 mil­lion in match­ing pub­lic funds. He was also respon­si­ble for its busi­ness devel­op­ment dur­ing advanced med­ical diag­nos­tics R&D, with two prod­ucts cleared for mar­ket­ing in Europe (CE mark, 2008, 2009) and USA (FDA 510k approval, 2009). In 2010 Med­ical­go­rith­mics SA recorded a 1.6 mil­lion net profit based on 5 mil­lion PLN rev­enue, with over 40% of its sales in the United States. Dr. Szu­mowski has been involved in prepa­ra­tion and man­age­ment of more than 40 R&D and invest­ment projects with a com­bined bud­get of over 200 mil­lion euro. Cur­rently he is respon­si­ble for estab­lish­ing a tech­nol­ogy trans­fer plat­form within a bio-​tech-​med clus­ter (BTM Mazovia). BTM Mazovia Clus­ter is form­ing around a 100 mil­lion euro Cen­tre for Pre­clin­i­cal Research and Tech­nol­ogy (CePT) project involv­ing three largest War­saw uni­ver­si­ties and seven Pol­ish Acad­emy of Sci­ence insti­tutes. It also brings together sev­eral biotech and bio­med com­pa­nies, VC and seed funds in part­ner­ship with the City of Warsaw.

Martin Fusek

Mar­tin Fusek

In 1983 he received Mas­ter degree in Organic Chem­istry at the ICT, Prague and in 1988 fin­ished his PhD stud­ies in the field of Bio­chem­istry at the IOCB, Prague. Dur­ing 19881994 he worked as post-​doctoral fel­low at OMRF(USA) and EMBL (Ger­many). From 1995 he held var­i­ous man­age­r­ial posi­tions in com­pany Sigma-​Aldrich and in com­pany Merck. Since 1995 he lec­tures at the Insti­tute of Chem­i­cal Tech­nol­ogy in Prague. From 2007 he has focused on the area of tech trans­fer. From 2009 he is the CEO of the IOCB TTO (www​.iocb​-tto​.cz), a com­pany pro­vid­ing tech trans­fer ser­vices to Insti­tute of Organic Chem­istry and Bio­chem­istry, Czech Acad. Sci. and he is direc­tor of a clus­ter Med­Chem­Bio (www​.med​chem​bio​.cz).

Piotr Lassota

Piotr Las­sota

Hav­ing grad­u­ated from the Chem­istry Fac­ulty at the Uni­ver­sity of War­saw, he then received his Ph.D. from the Pol­ish Acad­emy of Sci­ences. Dur­ing his stud­ies he spent a year as a vis­it­ing stu­dent at the Yale Med­ical Uni­ver­sity and then did his post­doc­toral train­ing at the Sloan – Ket­ter­ing Insti­tute for Can­cer Research in New York, where he later worked as a researcher. He is author of over thirty pub­li­ca­tions and received numer­ous sci­en­tific and busi­ness awards. He also obtained 9 patents mainly in the area of oncology.

He devel­oped his career in the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal busi­ness in the USA, work­ing in the research and devel­op­ment areas of com­pa­nies such as Amer­i­can Cyanamid, Wyeth and Novar­tis. In Novar­tis he was the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the US Oncol­ogy Phar­ma­col­ogy Unit and Exec­u­tive Mem­ber of the Oncol­ogy Ther­a­peu­tic Area Board. Most recently, the Divi­sional Vice Pres­i­dent, Imag­ing Biol­ogy & Oncol­ogy at Caliper Life Sciences.

In Pol­pharma he is respon­si­ble for sci­en­tific super­vi­sion and devel­op­ment project man­age­ment for biotech­nol­ogy based products.

Robert Rzemiński

Robert Rzemiński

Mem­ber of the Board in MCI.BioVentures Sp. z o.o. Has over 14 years expe­ri­ence in Pharma Busi­ness. Since 2000 Mem­ber of the Man­age­ment Board –Research & Devel­op­ment Direc­tor of JELFA S.A. first stock exchange phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany in Poland. Since 2005 Mem­ber of the Board and Pres­i­dent of Sci­en­tific Infor­ma­tion Cen­tre OIN­PHARMA. He grad­u­ated Wrocław Uni­ver­sity Chem­istry fac­ulty and post-​graduate stud­ies at Wirtchafts­föderun­gIn­sti­tut in Vienna and GSBA in Zurich. Cur­rently he is Mem­ber of the Boards of port­fo­lio com­pa­nies: Genomed, Biotech Varso­via Pharma and 4med.

Graeme Martin

Graeme Mar­tin

is Pres­i­dent and CEO of Takeda Ven­tures, Inc. (TVI) with day-​to-​day respon­si­bil­ity for oper­a­tions. With more than 30 years of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal R&D expe­ri­ence in the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and Bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal indus­try (Well­come; Glax­oW­ell­come: Hoff­man La Roche; Telik), he joined Takeda in 2003 and has been instru­men­tal in build­ing the Company’s strate­gic ven­ture oper­a­tions based in Palo Alto, Cal­i­for­nia. Dr. Mar­tin received his Bach­e­lor of Sci­ence degree in Phar­ma­col­ogy from the Uni­ver­sity of Bath, and his doc­tor­ate from Uni­ver­sity Col­lege, Lon­don, UK.

Graziano Seghezzi

Graziano Seghezzi

is a Part­ner of Sofinnova and he invests in life sci­ences. He joined the firm in 2006. Graziano invested in Cre­abilis Ther­a­peu­tics (Italy), a spe­cialty der­ma­tol­ogy com­pany devel­op­ing prod­ucts in mul­ti­ple clin­i­cal areas such as pso­ri­a­sis and atopic der­mati­tis; Crescendo Bio­log­ics (UK), a seed-​stage com­pany tar­get­ing the appli­ca­tion of highly inno­v­a­tive anti­body frag­ment tech­nolo­gies to the devel­op­ment of new ther­a­peu­tics; Gly­co­V­axyn (Switzer­land), a biotech­nol­ogy com­pany ded­i­cated to the devel­op­ment of novel vac­cines; and Omthera (USA), spe­cial­ized in car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­or­ders with a best-​in-​class omega-​3 drug. Graziano is a board mem­ber of each company.

Prior to join­ing Sofinnova Part­ners’ Paris-​based team, Graziano was prin­ci­pal at Index Ven­tures in Geneva, Switzer­land, where he invested in biotech­nol­ogy and bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals com­pa­nies. Before this, he worked for Sofinnova Part­ners, iden­ti­fy­ing new invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties in Ital­ian phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and med­ical device com­pa­nies out of Milan, Italy. Graziano began his career as a bio­med­ical researcher at New York University’s School of Med­i­cine, where he gained five years of hands-​on expe­ri­ence study­ing the mol­e­c­u­lar mech­a­nism of angio­gen­e­sis in oncol­ogy and car­dio­vas­cu­lar diseases.

Graziano has a degree in genet­ics and micro­bi­ol­ogy from the Uni­ver­sity of Pavia (Italy) and an MBA from the RSM, Eras­mus Uni­ver­sity (Netherlands).

Wojciech Przybyś

Woj­ciech Przybyś

MD grad­u­ated from War­saw Med­ical School in 1989. He then worked for 5 years as a prac­tis­ing physi­cian in the Depart­ment of Inter­nal Med­i­cine & Dia­betol­ogy at War­saw Med­ical School dur­ing which time he was accred­ited in Inter­nal Med­i­cine. He has authored a num­ber of pub­li­ca­tions in the field of dia­betol­ogy, lipid dis­or­ders and clin­i­cal research.Wojciech joined Quin­tiles in 1996 and occu­pied sev­eral posi­tions of increas­ing respon­si­bil­ity. He held the posi­tion of Gen­eral Man­ager Quin­tiles Poland from 2000 till 2011. Cur­rently he serves in posi­tion of regional Vice Pres­i­dent Clin­i­cal Oper­a­tions cov­er­ing Poland, Rus­sia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithua­nia, Esto­nia, Israel, Ser­bia, Croa­tia, Belarus and CIS countries.

Sander van Deventer

Sander van Deventer

is a Gen­eral Part­ner at For­bion Cap­i­tal Part­ners, Pro­fes­sor of Trans­la­tional Gas­troen­terol­ogy Lei­den Uni­ver­sity Med­ical Cen­ter and Chair­man of the Sci­en­tific Advi­sory Board of the Dutch Arthri­tis Foun­da­tion. He is a mem­ber of the Boards of Argos Ther­a­peu­tics, Ams­ter­dam Mol­e­c­u­lar Ther­a­peu­tics, Car­doz ad Hookipa.

Sander van Deven­ter received his med­ical degree and doc­tor­ate of phi­los­o­phy from the Uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam, and fol­low­ing board cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in inter­nal med­i­cine and gas­troen­terol­ogy he worked as a sci­en­tist in the Lab­o­ra­tory for Med­ical Bio­chem­istry, Rock­e­feller Uni­ver­sity, New York. It was here that TNF was dis­cov­ered as a proin­flam­ma­tory cytokine and he applied this knowl­edge to first admin­is­ter an anti-​TNF mon­o­clonal anti­body (later reg­is­tered as Rem­i­cade®) to patients with Crohn’s dis­ease. This was fol­lowed by a series of other immunomod­u­la­tory inter­ven­tions, tar­get­ing cytokines, cytokine recep­tors, T cells and sig­nal trans­duc­tion path­ways, using small mol­e­cules, anti­bod­ies, pep­tides, pro­teins and anti­sense DNA tech­nolo­gies. In 1995 he became direc­tor of the lab­o­ra­tory for Exper­i­men­tal Inter­nal Med­i­cine at the Aca­d­e­mic Med­ical Cen­ter in Ams­ter­dam, and con­tin­ued to work on ther­a­peu­tic sig­nal trans­duc­tion inhi­bi­tion, gene ther­apy, and (genet­i­cally engi­neered) pro­bi­otics. In 1998 he co-​founded Ams­ter­dam Mol­e­c­u­lar Ther­a­peu­tics (AMT), a gene ther­apy com­pany that devel­ops AAV-​based gene ther­apy prod­ucts. He sub­se­quently was CSO and CEO of AMT which is listed at Euronext and has filed its first prod­uct, Gly­bera™, for mar­ket autho­riza­tion with the EMEA. From 2001 until 2004, he chaired the Depart­ment of Gas­troen­terol­ogy and Hepa­tol­ogy at the Aca­d­e­mic Med­ical Cen­ter in Ams­ter­dam. He has authored more than 80 book chap­ters, 380 peer review sci­en­tific papers, orga­nized sev­eral large inter­na­tional sci­en­tific con­fer­ences, and super­vised more than 40 PhD students.

Marcell Veidner

Mar­cell Veidner

Founder and man­ag­ing part­ner of Bion­ity R&D Invest­ment Advi­sors, a Budapest-​based con­sult­ing firm focus­ing on Life Sci­ences pri­vate financ­ing and busi­ness devel­op­ment. Before, he was direc­tor of CEE activ­i­ties at PCA Cap­i­tal Advi­sors (Frank­furt). Pre­vi­ously, he was head­ing the depart­ment of High Tech sec­tors at the Hun­gar­ian Invest­ment and Trade Devel­op­ment Agency. He is Board Mem­ber of the Hun­gar­ian Biotech­nol­ogy Asso­ci­a­tion and mem­ber of the SME Plat­form of EuropaBio.He grad­u­ated at biotech focused MBA pro­gram of IE Busi­ness School. He obtained diploma in busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion at the French lan­guage pro­gram of Budapest Uni­ver­sity of Eco­nomic Sci­ence with major in entre­pre­neur­ship, and his Mas­ter degree in “Euro­pean Stud­ies” at the same institution.

Paweł Węgrzyn

Paweł Węgrzyn

Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Jagiel­lon­ian University

mem­ber of Fac­ulty of Physics, Astron­omy and Com­puter Science

head of Depart­ment of Games Technology

direc­tor of Post­grad­u­ate Infor­ma­tion Soci­ety Studies

The direc­tor of Euro­pean Acad­emy of Games (ega​.org​.pl)

The chair­man of board of part­ners for Life­Science Clus­ter (www​.life​science​.pl)

A mem­ber of City Coun­cil of Kraków, chair­man of Com­mis­sion of Devel­op­ment and Innovation

Emma Palmer Foster

Emma Palmer Foster

Emma Palmer Fos­ter is a con­sul­tant with almost 20 years’ expe­ri­ence in the Euro­pean phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and biotech­nol­ogy sec­tor. She estab­lished EJ Palmer Con­sult­ing in 2007, fol­low­ing roles in invest­ment bank­ing, finan­cial com­mu­ni­ca­tions and investor rela­tions, jour­nal­ism and tech­nol­ogy trans­fer. This includes eight years in sell-​side equi­ties research and cor­po­rate finance, where she was involved in sev­eral IPOs and M&A trans­ac­tions. EJ Palmer Con­sult­ing advises com­pa­nies on cor­po­rate and finan­cial strat­egy, IR and com­mu­ni­ca­tions, and works with clients in a range of areas, includ­ing Board roles.

Emma has an MA in Bio­chem­istry from the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford and an MBA from the Uni­ver­sity of Durham. She is a Trustee of the men­tal health char­ity MPF Coun­selling, a Vis­it­ing Fel­low at Durham Busi­ness School, a mem­ber of the UK Investor Rela­tions Soci­ety (hold­ing its Cer­tifi­cate in IR), and an Asso­ciate Mem­ber of the Char­tered Insti­tute of Pub­lic Relations.

Jonathan Hepple

Jonathan Hep­ple

Jonathan Hep­ple is an expe­ri­enced health­care investor and is a Part­ner of Ser­oba Ker­nel Life Sci­ences Lim­ited, cur­rently invest­ing a €75M Euro­pean health­care ven­ture fund, and also a Part­ner of Rosetta Cap­i­tal Lim­ited, a sec­ondary ven­ture fund manager.Jonathan is based in Oxford (UK) and he sits on the board of Cov­agen AG (Switzer­land) and also man­ages invest­ments in Tranzyme (USA), Gem­inX (acquired by Cephalon in 2011) and Zealand Pharma (Denmark).Jonathan was a co-​founder in 2001 of Bio­Science Man­agers Ltd (BML), a London-​based advi­sory and pri­vate equity firm focused on the life sec­tor. At BML, Jonathan was respon­si­ble for the orig­i­na­tion and exe­cu­tion of numer­ous cor­po­rate advi­sory trans­ac­tions for biotech­nol­ogy and med­ical device com­pa­nies. Since 2006, BML (re-​named Rosetta Cap­i­tal Ltd) has focused on acquir­ing port­fo­lios of health­care invest­ments through sec­ondary trans­ac­tions. Jonathan has worked with Ser­oba on ven­ture invest­ments since 2003.Prior to found­ing BML, Jonathan was a mem­ber of the health­care invest­ment team at Roth­schilds and was respon­si­ble for the man­age­ment of Biotech­nol­ogy Invest­ments Lim­ited (“BIL”) and the Inter­na­tional Biotech­nol­ogy Trust (“IBT”). Dur­ing his tenure at Roth­schilds from 1998 until 2001, the BIL NAV grew to $600 mil­lion and IBT’s NAV grew to over £350 mil­lion. Prior to his PhD, Jonathan spent a year con­duct­ing research at British Biotech­nol­ogy plc.

Jonathan received a PhD from Cam­bridge Uni­ver­sity for can­cer research in 1997 and a BA from Oxford Uni­ver­sity in 1992.

Oliver Murphy

Oliver Mur­phy

Part­ner Trans­ac­tion Advi­sory Ser­vicesO­liver is a grad­u­ate of the Uni­ver­sity of Man­ches­ter in Eco­nom­ics and Gov­ern­ment. He speaks flu­ent Polish.

Oliver has has a wide range of cor­po­rate finance, due dili­gence and restruc­tur­ing and inte­gra­tion expe­ri­ence within both the UK and Poland and spe­cialises in cross-​border trans­ac­tion sup­port engage­ments com­pris­ing large multi-​disciplinary, multi­na­tional teams.

Paweł Błachno

Paweł Błachno

grad­u­ate of the Uni­ver­sity of Eco­nom­ics in Krakow and Stock­holm Uni­ver­sity. He gained expe­ri­ence in finan­cial and con­sult­ing insti­tu­tions (Pen­e­tra­tor Bro­ker­age House – cur­rently TRIGON and POLIN­VEST). Since 2004 Chair­man of the Jagiel­lon­ian Cen­tre of Inno­va­tion, where he is respon­si­ble for the over­all devel­op­ment of the insti­tu­tion and the global strat­egy of the Jagiel­lon­ian Cen­tre of Inno­va­tion Group. Author of the „Jagiel­lon­ian com­mer­cial­iza­tion model” actively engaged in the estab­lish­ment and super­vi­sion of the port­fo­lio com­pa­nies. He acquires exten­sive expe­ri­ence in devel­op­ing and imple­ment­ing busi­ness mod­els, as well as man­ag­ing inno­v­a­tive projects. At the stage of pre­ced­ing the for­ma­tion of the com­pany, he draw up the terms of coop­er­a­tion with entre­pre­neurs and leads the nego­ti­a­tion process. Super­vises all port­fo­lio companies.

Michał Kostka

Michał Kostka

He received Mas­ters Degree of Vet­eri­nary Sci­ences at Uni­ver­sity of Vet­eri­nary and Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Sci­ences in Brno in 1998. He began work­ing for PLIVA– Lachema a.s, Brno (later PLIVA d.d. Zagreb, Croa­tia) in R&D of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prod­ucts and active phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal ingre­di­ents. From 2004 he worked for South Mora­vian Inno­va­tion Centre/​JIC (Czech Repub­lic) hold­ing var­i­ous man­age­r­ial posi­tions includ­ing Chief Oper­at­ing Officer/​Life Sci­ences Sec­tor Man­ager. In 2010 he joined St. Anne’s Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal Brno – Inter­na­tional Clin­i­cal Research Cen­ter (FNUSA-​ICRC, Brno, Czech Repub­lic) as ICRC Vice-​Chair for R&D (www​.fnusa​-icrc​.org/​c​s​/). FNUSA-​ICRC is an inno­v­a­tive sci­ence and research cen­ter and a top-​quality pub­lic health­care cen­ter focus­ing on pre­ven­tion, early detec­tion and cure pri­mar­ily of car­dio­vas­cu­lar and neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­eases. FNUSA-​ICRC is based on almost ten years of suc­cess­ful coop­er­a­tion between St. Anne´s Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal in Brno and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Min­nesota (USA).

Simon Kerr

Simon Kerr

Direc­tor of Health­care Ven­tures at Impe­r­ial Inno­va­tions, joined the Group in Sep­tem­ber 2008. Hav­ing worked ini­tially in mar­ket­ing and busi­ness devel­op­ment roles in Glax­oW­ell­come­plc, Simon moved into the biotech­nol­ogy sec­tor dur­ing the mid-​90s. He has exten­sive expe­ri­ence of emerg­ing bio­science busi­nesses, has held board-​level posi­tions in nine unlisted com­pa­nies and has led over 35 licens­ing, financ­ing and M&A trans­ac­tions. Prior to join­ing Impe­r­ial Inno­va­tions, he was Com­mer­cial Direc­tor of CeNeS Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals until its acqui­si­tion by Paion AG.

Martin Oxley

Mar­tin Oxley

is Coun­try Head of UK Trade and Invest­ment at the British Embassy in War­saw. Prior to that he was CEO of the BPCC which under his lead­er­ship grew to be the lead­ing inter­na­tional busi­ness net­work­ing orga­ni­za­tion in Poland. Over the course of the last 15 years he has held CEO and Board posi­tions in the mar­ket lead­ing global and regional phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies in Cen­tral Europe. He retains a strong inter­est in health­care, life sci­ences and enter­prise. He serves on the advi­sory boards of a num­ber of youth enter­prise net­works. He is a rec­og­nized inter­na­tional expert and speaker on Poland.

Emil Stepien

Emil Stepien

has been asso­ci­ated with „New Con­nect”, and the cur­rent devel­op­ment plat­form for financ­ing the SME sec­tor, from its incep­tion. He is also respon­si­ble for the devel­op­ment of „Cat­a­lyst” which is an organ­ised trad­ing plat­form for pri­vate and local gov­ern­ment debt instruments.

Krzysztof Kucharczyk

Krzysztof Kuchar­czyk


Msc in the Solid State Physic from Gdansk Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity in 1984, Phd in Mol­e­c­u­lar Biol­ogy at the Gdansk Uni­ver­sity at Bio­chem­istry Depart­ment in 1992

Train­ing in Vienna Uni­ver­sity at Micro­bi­ol­ogy and Mol­e­c­u­lar Biol­ogy Depart­ment in years 199194. Man­age­ment Study at the Gdansk Uni­ver­sity in 19956. Mar­ket­ing Man­age­ment course at McGill Uni­ver­sity in Mon­treal in 2004.Professional expe­ri­ence In 1994 founder and CEO of the “ Kuchar­czyk Tech­niki Elek­tro­fore­ty­czne“ com­pany which is devel­op­ing, pro­duc­ing and sell­ing lab­o­ra­tory equip­ment and kits for Life Sci­ences market

After 2000 co-​founder of two other com­pa­nies in the field of mol­e­c­u­lar diag­nos­tic and drug dis­cov­ery. In 2002-​04 expert of IAEA/​FAO in the field of mol­e­c­u­lar diag​nos​tic​.In 2001 inven­tor of the Mul­ti­tem­per­a­ture SSCP geno­typ­ing method. Co-​author of sev­eral other ana­lyt­i­cal and diag­nos­tic patents appli­ca­tions in years 2002-​09Employment

until now : CEO of BioVec­tis c/​o Kuchar­czyk Tech­niki Elek­tro­fore­ty­czne Spzoo , War­saw , Poland

Piotr Czapski

Piotr Czap­ski

Part­ner lead­ing EQT Part­ners office in War­saw and EQT’s oper­a­tions in the CEE coun­tries since Sep­tem­ber 2008.

At the begin­ning of his pro­fes­sional career, after com­ple­tion of PhD, Piotr Czap­ski joined the Chrysler Cor­po­ra­tions as a Research Engi­neer. Return­ing to Poland he joined McK­in­sey & Co. where he became a Part­ner and led McKinsey’s Busi­ness Tech­nol­ogy Prac­tice in East­ern Europe. In the last 3.5 years before join­ing EQT he was a Man­age­ment Board Mem­ber of Netia S.A. which is the largest alter­na­tive tele­com oper­a­tor in Poland. In his role as a board mem­ber he was Head of Strat­egy and Busi­ness Devel­op­ment, respon­si­ble also for M&A activities.

Piotr Czap­ski is respon­si­ble for the acqui­si­tion of the world’s lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of safety and per­sonal lancets for cap­il­lary blood sam­pling: HTL-​Strefa S.A by EQT in 2009. Cur­rently he holds a posi­tion of the Super­vi­sory Board Mem­ber at HTL-​Strefa and at Bul­gar­ian cable TV oper­a­tor Blizoo.

Edu­ca­tion: PhD in Elec­tri­cal Engi­neer­ing from Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­sity, USA

Peter Neubeck

Peter Neubeck

joined the Life Sci­ence prac­tice in 2008 as Senior Asso­ciate, based in Munich. He is a Prin­ci­pal at TVM Cap­i­tal in Munich and as such involved in deal orig­i­na­tion and the eval­u­a­tion of new invest­ments, as well as research and sup­port for exist­ing port­fo­lio com­pa­nies with an empha­sis on clin­i­cal devel­op­ment stage to com­mer­cial stage invest­ments, includ­ing vir­tual asset devel­op­ment type invest­ments (‘Project-​Focused-​Companies’)

Prior to join­ing TVM Cap­i­tal, he worked at Novar­tis Pharma as Global Project Leader for the Car­dio­vas­cu­lar & Metab­o­lism Busi­ness Fran­chise, and was respon­si­ble for the life cycle strat­egy and devel­op­ment of the novel poten­tial block­buster anti­hy­per­ten­sive Rasilez®/Tekturna® , includ­ing the recent FDA approval of the first fixed dose com­bi­na­tion Tek­turna HCT®. Prior to this role he worked as man­ager in the Pharma Strate­gic Plan­ning Group focus­ing on the global dis­ease area strat­egy of Novartis.

He has com­pleted his med­ical stud­ies at Ludwig-​Maximilians-​University München and Har­vard Med­ical School and holds a doc­toral degree for his work in non-​invasive car­dio­vas­cu­lar imag­ing using elec­tron beam tomog­ra­phy. After pur­su­ing post­grad­u­ate train­ing in neu­rol­ogy and inter­nal med­i­cine in Munich, the Cleve­land Clinic and Beth Israel Dea­coness Med­ical Cen­ter, he obtained an MBA at INSEAD and worked at McK­in­sey & Company’s Zurich office, serv­ing sev­eral of the top phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies in turn­around and growth projects.

Simon Wallwork

Simon Wall­work

is based in Sem­ple Fraser’s Man­ches­ter office is Head of the Sem­ple Fraser Life Sci­ences Team.

With over 20 years expe­ri­ence advis­ing on acqui­si­tions, dis­pos­als, pri­vate equity and pub­lic mar­ket trans­ac­tions, for a wide vari­ety of clients includ­ing pub­lic and pri­vate com­pa­nies, banks, ven­ture cap­i­tal funds and part­ner­ships, Simon has advised on a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of cross bor­der trans­ac­tions and list­ings on inter­na­tional stock markets.

He is rated as a Leader in his Field by Cham­bers direc­tory and described as “effec­tive and thor­ough” by the Legal 500 (both direc­to­ries inde­pen­dently review all the UK’s lead­ing law firms).

Simon has been work­ing within the Life Sci­ences sec­tor for over 16 years and has advised on a large num­ber of trans­ac­tions over that period. His clients include Lec­tus Ther­a­peu­tics Lim­ited, Senexis Lim­ited, Pha­ge­n­e­sis Lim­ited, Lon­don Genet­ics Lim­ited, Intel­li­hep Lim­ited, Neu­roSo­lu­tions Lim­ited, Inter­cy­tex Lim­ited, Curapel Lim­ited, Ima­gen Biotech Limited.

Leszek Grabarczyk

Leszek Grabar­czyk

Since April 2011 Deputy Direc­tor of the National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment – reshaped gov­ern­men­tal agency play­ing the main role in fund­ing applied research and sup­port­ing com­mer­cial­i­sa­tion of research results.

Jan­u­ary 2009 – March 2011: direc­tor of the Depart­ment for Research Appli­ca­tions and Inno­va­tion, Min­istry of Sci­ence and Higher Edu­ca­tion, War­saw (main respon­si­bil­i­ties: fund­ing of projects and infra­struc­tures for R&D within oper­a­tional pro­grammes Inno­v­a­tive Econ­omy and Human Cap­i­tal, elab­o­ra­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of other pro­grammes sup­port­ing inno­va­tion, coor­di­na­tion and mon­i­tor­ing of activ­i­ties of other insti­tu­tions engaged in sup­port of R&D and innovation).

July 2007 – Decem­ber 2008: deputy direc­tor of the National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment – NCRD (gov­ern­men­tal agency fund­ing R&D, estab­lished 1 July 2007). 20042007: in the Pol­ish Min­istry of Sci­ence and Higher Edu­ca­tion, Depart­ment of Sci­ence Strat­egy and Devel­op­ment; engaged inter alia in prepa­ra­tion of legal frame­work for NCRD, oper­a­tional pro­grammes Inno­v­a­tive Econ­omy and Human Cap­i­tal, elab­o­ra­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of the largest gov­ern­men­tal pro­gramme fund­ing R&D and inno­v­a­tive activ­i­ties – “Tech­nol­ogy Initiative”.

Grad­u­ated from the National School of Pub­lic Admin­is­tra­tion, Warsaw.

Jarosław Dastych

Jarosław Dastych

Head of the Lab­o­ra­tory of Cel­lu­lar Immunol­ogy, Insti­tute of Med­ical Biol­ogy of PAS in Lodz. Founder and CEO of Pro­teon Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals. Jarosław Dastych has exper­tise in con­duct­ing sci­en­tific research in the field of biotech­nol­ogy and imple­ment­ing their results in prac­tice. He has suc­cess­fully man­aged six Pol­ish and inter­na­tional research and tech­nol­ogy projects with a total value exceed­ing 7 mln PLN, includ­ing coor­di­na­tion of the mul­ti­cen­ter Research and Tech­nol­ogy Devel­op­ment Project of the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion in the 5th EU frame­work Pro­gram. He is an author of over 30 pub­li­ca­tions pub­lished in inter­na­tional jour­nals and co-​author of 3 inter­na­tional patents in the field of biotechnology.

Mikołaj Gurdała

Mikołaj Gur­dała

soci­ol­o­gist, trans­la­tor, man­ager of social and inno­v­a­tive projects, coach.

Cur­rently work­ing with the Med­ical Uni­ver­sity of Lodz as Direc­tor of Strate­gies and Analy­sis Office respon­si­ble for strate­gic and inno­va­tion development.

CEO of Flavoopharma sp. z o.o., Mem­ber of Board of Foun­da­tion for Med­ical Uni­ver­sity of Lodz.

Expert in Euro­pean and struc­tural funds. For 5 years he focuses on the social econ­omy co-​creating and imple­ment­ing projects related to social enter­prises. He advised oper­a­tors of the social econ­omy, trained NGOs and co-​created local part­ner­ships for the social econ­omy in Lodz region. He par­tic­i­pated in num­ber of projects con­cern­ing exchange of good prac­tices in the field of social econ­omy with orga­ni­za­tions from France, Italy, Fin­land, Ger­many, Aus­tria, Spain, Great Britain, Ser­bia and Repub­lic of Moldova. He par­tic­i­pated in work­ing out stan­darts for cre­at­ing and pro­vid­ing conuselling ser­vices for social enter­prises in the Lodz region, espe­cially social cooperatives.

Łukasz Kutrzeba

Łukasz Kutrzeba

has grad­u­ated from the Uni­ver­sity of Mis­sis­sippi, with a PhD degree in phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal sci­ences, with a spe­cial empha­sis on drug dis­cov­ery in the area of nat­ural prod­ucts. We worked with psy­choac­tive com­pounds as poten­tial drug can­di­dates for treat­ment of depres­sion and drug abuse. In 2009 he has joined JCI Ven­ture seed cap­i­tal fund as a tech­nol­ogy bro­ker, being involved in data min­ing, project eval­u­a­tion, and mar­ket research. Since 2011 he has held a posi­tion as the CEO of Hep­endo, a drug dis­cov­ery com­pany. Dr Kutrzeba holds also MSc degrees in Biol­ogy, and in Envi­ron­men­tal Chemistry

Paweł Przewięźlikowski

Paweł Przewięź­likowski

co-​founded Selvita in 2007 and is the Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer of the com­pany. Before Selvita he spent 12 years man­ag­ing high tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies, meet­ing cus­tomers’ expec­ta­tions and cre­at­ing sig­nif­i­cant share­holder value. From 1994 to 2007 he worked at ComArch – a Pol­ish infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy com­pany. As board mem­ber of the com­pany since 1996, he took part in the organic trans­for­ma­tion of a uni­ver­sity spin-​off to the largest IT com­pany in Poland, employ­ing over 2 700 peo­ple. Dur­ing his time at ComArch in 19992000 he was also the co-​founder and the first CEO of Inte​ria​.pl, the third largest por­tal in Poland. He is also the Chief Exec­u­tive of Bio­Cen­trum, Selvita’s daugh­ter company.

Roland Kozlowski

Roland Kozlowski

received a first class hon­ours degree from the Uni­ver­sity of Bath and a PhD from the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge. He is a bioen­tre­pre­neur who has worked in the indus­try since the mid 1990s. Roland has held a num­ber of oper­a­tional roles includ­ing: Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer and a founder of Lec­tus Ther­a­peu­tics Lim­ited, Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer and co-​founder of Sense Pro­teomic Lim­ited, which he sold to Procog­nia Lim­ited in 2002. In the mid 1990s Roland worked with Oxford Mol­e­c­u­lar PLC on their cor­ner­stone deal he nego­ti­ated with Yamanouchi Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Co., Ltd. Dur­ing his career Roland has gained con­sid­er­able trans­ac­tional expe­ri­ence rang­ing from com­pany sale, pur­chase, financ­ing and in– and out-​licensing. In the past Roland ran a Research Group at the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford and pub­lished in the field of ion chan­nel phys­i­ol­ogy and phar­ma­col­ogy. He now main­tains an aca­d­e­mic link through a Vis­it­ing Indus­trial Pro­fes­sor­ship at Bris­tol Uni­ver­sity. Roland is a non-​executive direc­tor of Lon­don Genet­ics which oper­ates in the per­son­alised med­i­cine space and has served on the main board of the Bio Indus­try Asso­ci­a­tion in the UK. He is also Pres­i­dent BTM Mazowsze Sp. z o. o. a com­pany set up to com­mer­cial­ize inno­va­tion emerg­ing from the lead­ing life sci­ence research insti­tu­tions in Warsaw.

Juha Vapaavuori

Juha Vapaavuori

Juha Vapaavuori is a Senior Lead at Sitra the Finnish Inno­va­tion Fund. Sitra is for­ward think­ing orga­ni­za­tion which antic­i­pates social change and its effect on peo­ple. Sitra’s activ­i­ties pro­mote new oper­at­ing mod­els which stim­u­late busi­ness that aim towards a sus­tain­able well-​being. As a pub­lic fund, Sitra report directly to the Finnish Parliament


Hon­orary Patronage

Ministry of Economy University of Agriculture in Krakow
Małopolska Malopolska Center of Biotechnology Kraków


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